PSVITA on ITECH Philippines


The PSVITA on ITECH Philippines. You can buy it for 20,000 pesos in cash and 21,000 pesos if it is installment, there's a 1 year service warranty. This branch is located at, Metro Market Market, 4th Floor near Photo Studio.



The PSVITA has a ARM Cortex A9 Core(4 core) CPU. It is a touch screen psp which is 5 inches (16:9) 960 x 544, Aprrox. 16 million colors, OLED Multi touch screen. The memory capacity of PSVITA is 512MB and VRAM 128MB. Is has also a built-in camera 640x480(VGA) screen resolution. The speaker and microphone are also built-in. The are two types of PSVITA, 3G and WI-FI. The built-in battery of PSVITA is a Lithium-ion. There are a lots of video format that can play on PSVITA.